QTYMP is currently looking to add more Leadership Organizers to our team (priority to POC applicants)!

Time commitment: The leadership team is a 2 year commitment (one year commitments considered on a case by case basis). Our organizing cycle starts in January and runs through August with downtime September-December.

You must be available for the full week of camp in August and 5-10 hours a week January-August. Winter meetings are once a month, Spring meetings are twice a month, and Summer meetings are weekly. Plus additional project team meetings as necessary. Meetings are generally 2-3 hours long and involve snacks and a lot of fun as well as work!

Compensation: $1000 stipend distributed as $500 per year.

Organizing structure and responsibilities: Our organizing structure consists of the Leadership Team, and four project teams that focus on different aspects of the organization. The 4 teams are as follows: Fundraising (budget, grants, and other fundraising); Community Connections (online presence, community building, outreach to volunteers and participants, written materials); Camp Emerald (planning a week-long camp program each summer); and Rogue Rainbow (a youth leadership steering committee).

The Leadership Team is ideally made up of 10 members and each Project Team may have any number of other organizers helping to work on projects and get stuff done! The QTYMP Leadership Team is the steering body that connects all of the Project Teams and makes organizational-level decisions (e.g. approve budget, craft mission statement, create policies, come to consensus on major decisions, etc). Members of the Leadership team are required to also join at least one project team and be a liaison between the teams.

Being a Leadership Team member is year-long commitment to be a point person for planning and problem solving within QTYMP Project Teams, and the organization as a whole. Leadership Team members are not only in charge of concrete administrative responsibilities but also are the go-to group for making sure that everything runs smoothly, and that any issues that come up between project teams, programming volunteers, and youth participants are addressed. Being on the Leadership Team means helping to envision and co-create future structure with long term planning, as well as on the ground logistics.

We strive for open and honest, clear communication! It’s important to us to be able to work through hard problems and work well with others. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable, and to be humble. Part of our work of organizing is to find a way to engage with and try to mitigate the potential silencing effects of prevalent privilege and power dynamics. And another one of our goals is that organizing should be fun!!! We work on making our meetings comfortable as well as accessible as possible.

Required Qualifications:
(successful candidate must be able to demonstrate in order to be considered for this position)

  • Aligned with mission & values of the Queer & Trans Youth Music Project;
  • Ability to work as a team member and leader;
  • Ability to work well in stressful situations;
  • Enthusiasm and experience with the responsibilities listed above and a willingness to learn new information and develop new knowledge, skills and abilities;
  • Proficient in computer skills — to include Microsoft Office, Google “Suite” (docs, calendars, gmail);
  • Ability to communicate clearly in written and verbal form;
  • Confidence in meeting deadlines;
  • Confidence in delegating work responsibly (not taking on too much)
  • Experience with, and commitment to, queer, trans, and youth liberation;
  • Willingness to serve as a positive representative of the Queer & Trans Youth Music Project and Camp Emerald in all public and professional settings;
  • Must successfully pass a required criminal history background check (same as the volunteer background check at Camp Emerald—only certain things would cause you not to “pass”). *Background checks are generally run using state-issued ID, but if you do not have this form of ID or documentation we will work with you to find alternate ways to run a background check.* Email us for more information on background checks at seattleqtymp@gmail.com

Desired Qualifications:
(successful candidate will demonstrate, or show a willingness to learn desired knowledge, skills and abilities)

  • Past attendance of similar programs (ex Queer or Girls’ Rock Camp) as a volunteer or participant;
  • Experience organizing with similar programs;
  • Background in social justice analysis and anti-oppression work with an understanding of intersectionality;
  • Framework around youth empowerment and adultism;
  • Awareness of community issues as they relate to queer youth;
  • Experience with nonhierarchical organizing structures;
  • Coordination of large community events;
  • Facilitating meetings in order to accomplish an agenda and complete stated tasks;
  • Ability to speak in public situations and solicit donations; and
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently on multiple simultaneous projects.

How to apply:

Please submit a letter of intent to be considered for the QTYMP Leadership Team.

Your letter of intent should detail:

  • Why you are interested in joining the QTYMP Leadership team
  • How your experience prepares you to succeed in this position
  • How the time commitment will fit into your life
  • What unique skills and experience you bring to our collective and what makes you excited about collective organizing
  • Anything else you would like us to know!
  • Please provide at least one personal or professional reference, your relationship to them, and their contact information. You are welcome but not required to provide a resume.

Submit your letter of intent to SeattleQTYMP@gmail.com with “Leadership Team Application” in the subject line.

After you submit your letter of intent, our hiring process will begin with an application review by the current organizing collective, followed by a one-on-one meeting with a current Leadership Team member, to discuss your interests, ideas, and experience!
If you end up being a good fit you will receive a personalized orientation where we introduce new Leadership members to the rest of the collective, and get on the same page about our current projects, organizational history, and dreams for the future and you will be connected to a seasoned leadership team member for support.